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Dairy Farming

  • Early warning of potential drought induced by outlook for less rain and warmer temperatures.
  • Heads-up on when drier periods and droughts could end with rainfall forecasts months in advance.
  • Drought and end of drought outlooks can support on-farm feed management and off-farm feed acquisition planning.
  • Rain outlooks can be used for farm effluent storage and disposal planning to reduce nutrient loss and point and no-point pollution issues leading to cleaner streams and waterways.
  • Temperature outlooks factor into grass growth potential and early and late season grass growth for managing on-farm feed sources.
  • The Potential Evapotranspiration Deficit (PED) outlook supports cropping decision making for maize seed selection for overcoming potential drier or wetter and warmer or cooler conditions than normal and also supports other on-farm cropping decision for the growing season.
  • Heads up on drier and wetter conditions allows for better planning on fertilizer applications both on type and quantity.
  • Herd health issues can be better managed based on outlooks for warm and wetter conditions that can lead to facial eczema outbreaks.
  • National view allows you to see how other regions are faring with wet and dry and warm and cold seasons and can provide a sense for overall production trends for the New Zealand dairy sector.